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Olympian and Professional Kayaker

After competing around the World for 2 ½ decades, Clint Robinson has achieved a large amount in his career. He is in a very unique position by being an Olympic Champion in the K1 1000m + World Champion in 5 different paddle sports {sprint kayaking, SLS spec ski, ocean ski, SLS board and 6 man outrigger}, which is unmatched around the world.

At just 20 years of age Clint Robinson achieved what most athletes strive for their entire life, an Olympic Gold Medal. The K1 1000m Kayak race at the Barcelona Olympics left Australians on the edge of their seats and gave birth to a National Hero. A Queensland country boy with a dream who proved commitment and dedication could make reality and give his career a whole new meaning.

To earn his birth as Australia’s greatest ever Kayaking Champion as he is known today, Clint collected a World Sprint Canoe Championship title in 1994, a Bronze medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and a Silver medal in the 2004 Athen’s Olympic Games. The list of his state, national and international achievements surrounding these titles is endless as his dedication and commitment to his country and his love for his sport.

Clint Robinson Megaburn Australia

Clint Robinson Megaburn Australia

Clint Robinson Megaburn Australia

Clint Robinson Megaburn Australia


Olympic Champion Silver Medallist 2004 – K2 500m

Australian Olympic Team Member 2000 – K1 1000m

Olympic Champion Gold Medallist 1996 – K1 1000m

World Champion



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