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Surf Ironwoman Champion

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Residing on Queensland’s Gold Coast, this charismatic 32-year-old Surf Lifesaver/Ironwoman is known as one of Australia’s fittest female athletes. Underpinned by an incredible inner-drive and grueling training regime, Hayley’s national and international records speak for them self. Certainly, out of the water, there are very few prouder Australian athletes who can compare her combination of striking physical appearance and accomplished presentation skills.

Hayley was the first athlete to win three Coolangatta Gold’s. She has won 19 Australian gold medals, ranking her one of the highest female competitors in Australia of all time. Over the past 10 years Hayley has consistently placed in the top three at the Australian Ironwoman Championships and is said to be unrivaled in big surf conditions. Competing both nationally and internationally Hayley Bateup is a well name known name across all surf sports.

Hayley Batuep Megaburn Australia

Hayley Bateup Megaburn Australia

Hayley Bateup Megaburn Australia

Hayley Bateup Megaburn Australia

Hayley Bateup Megaburn Australia

Career Highlights

Coolangatta Gold Champion – 1st 2005, 2006 & 2008, 3rd 2012
Australian Ironwoman Champion – 2001, 2nd – 2004, 2005& 2008, 3rd – 2011
Australian Board Champion – 2012, 2009, 2005, 2003 & 2001, 2nd – 2002, 2004
Australian Board Rescue Champion – 1st 2009, 3rd 2012
Australian Taplin Relay – 3rd 2012
Australian Ski Relay Champion – 2009
Australian Ski Champion – 2008
Fenn Ski Series Winner – 2009/10
Australian 2km Beach Run Champion – 2008, 2nd 2009, 2012
State Board Champion – 2008
Hennessy International Paddle Board Champion – 2001-2006
Completed 25hr board paddle from Cuba to Florida in 2004
Winner – Moloki to Oahu Board Paddle (52km) in 2003, 2nd in 2005

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– Hayley Bateup