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Professional Big Wave Surfer

Dan has a fascination with natures energy, especially the ocean. “I travel the world to meet swells, ride big barrels and to experience the awsome power of water. I find through chek training,Chi Kung, pure water, good nutrition and positive thought patterns all place me in harmony within and with nature.”

Dan’s personal development expeditions were completed without any assistance, he simply wanted and needed to push himself for the challenge in heavy waves. Dan has been referred to in most of the magazine articles he has been featured in as the underground charger, this helps fuel his energy and quest for the next big wave adventure. Even more so when back in 2008 he was diagnosed with depression, all the Doctors could do to assist Dan was offer prescriptive drugs. Dan thought otherwise and the chose the quick fix option, “I wasn’t into it drugs, so I packed up my gear and went to Narloo for some clarity. After dislocating my shoulder in big surd and reaching such a low point, I learnt that the body and mind are connected and I needed to invest in my mental health as much as my physical..” This experience has led Dan to the path that he follows now, where attitude is key and the only limitations are in the mind… and with his mind set where it is in life at the moment Dan’s present and future is looking more and more exciting.

Dan Ryan Megaburn Australia

Dan Ryan Megaburn Australia

Dan Ryan Megaburn Australia

Dan Ryan Megaburn Australia

Dan Ryan Megaburn Australia

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Dan Ryan - Silent Rythms Video :: Megaburn Australia

The Big Wave Search:

5 Visits to Hawaii,

4 Visits to Tahiti,

5 Visits to Indonesia,


Canary Islands,

Solomon islands,

Across Australia


“Surfing hours on end and dryland training daily makes refuelling and recovery very important. The Megaburn products cover all this in a way that’s natural, alive and it all tastes great!” – Dan Ryan