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Australian BMX Team

The CycleCraft Australia BMX race team has been operating out of Queensland for over 3 years with approximately 15 talented riders of all ages from Western Australia, Victoria, NSW and Queensland. The team has World, National and State plate holders all with the passion to be the best at their sport. Megaburn Australia has been suppling their natural products to the CycleCraft Australia team/riders since established and is vital part of the riders training and race intake.

Team roster for 2013-14:
bulletpoint Cam Small – Rider/Team Manager
bulletpoint Maddie Janssen – 17+ Women
bulletpoint Rachel Bracken – Elite Women
bulletpoint Michael Young – Elite/17+ Men
bulletpoint Dale Moore – Pro Men
bulletpoint Brandon McQueen – Elite Men
bulletpoint Jake Thaler – Elite Men
bulletpoint Joey Graham – Jr Elite Men
bulletpoint Kyle Hughes – Jr Elite Men
bulletpoint Jason May – 40-44 Men
bulletpoint Michael Jankowski – 40-44 men
bulletpoint Dean Conlin – 40-44 men
bulletpoint Steve Ewart – 45+ Men
bulletpoint Kai Angel – 11 Boys
bulletpoint Jesse Asmus – 10 Boys
bulletpoint Cheryl Pointon – 45+ Women

Cycle Craft Megaburn Australia

Cycle Craft Megaburn Australia

Cycle Craft Megaburn Australia

Cycle Craft Megaburn Australia

Cycle Craft Megaburn Australia

Cycle Craft Megaburn Australia

Cycle Craft Megaburn Australia

Cycle Craft Megaburn Australia

Team Members

Jason May | 40-44 MenCycle Craft Megaburn Australia

“Natural nutrition is what I’m chasing and MegaBurn provides that throughout all aspects of my training.”  – Jason May

“My favourite Mega Burn products are the Ammo lemon barley drink mix and the wild choc cherry bars for there great taste.” – Jason May



Maddie Janssen | 17-24 WomenCycle Craft Megaburn Australia

“The Wild Choc Berry bars, because they taste like a cherry ripe!”  – Maddie Janssen

“Megaburn helps me get over the line every time as I always have things ready in time for races & keep my Megaburn stocks up. The bars top up your energy & make you feel full without a overload!” – Maddie Janssen



Joey Graham | Jnr Elite MenCycle Craft Megaburn Australia

“My favourite Megaburn product would be the Banana Choc Energy Bars and the energy drinks, cause there so easy the make and I love that flavour.”  – Joey Graham

“I love Megaburn because they have supplied me with the energy, protein and nutrients in need to be and to race at my best and do gym and training. ” – Joey Graham



Steve Ewart | 45+ MenCycle Craft Megaburn Australia

“Megaburn Bars, they taste Rad! Lots of cool flavors & they digest well.”  – Steve Ewart

“Its critical to have the correct supplements (especially on race day), Megaburn is easy to consume & fuels me up” – Steve Ewart



Michael Young | Elite MenCycle Craft Megaburn Australia

“Ammo is my favourite Megaburn product simply because it’s easy to use and tastes great. It’s always good to have in my drink bottle for in between races.”  – Michael Young

“Megaburn helps me in many ways in my sport. To start with the megasoy helps a lot with my training it’s great to have straight after the gym and there couldn’t be anything better to have in between races than the live food bars.” – Michael Young


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